Brexit Consultancy

The McWhinnie Consultancy is passionate about delivering clear, affordable advice in an uncomplicated manner.

Bring in the experts to play an active part in your Brexit strategy, actioning key points in your plan alongside your team. With specialist knowledge and experience, we’ll ensure you’re not only protected against potential risk but actually build a more resilient business because of it.


From ostrich to eagle

Too many businesses are sticking their heads in the sand when it comes to Brexit. We’re here to make sure that not only does your business survive in the future, but that it soars! After a thorough discovery phase we will apply innovative problem solving skills and a personalised approach to plan clear strategic goals to help you boost effectiveness and realise business opportunities. And then, if you need it, we can stay on to help you meet those goals.


Access a team

We won’t pretend we can outwork every step of your action plan ourselves. But what we can do is connect you with the many trusted, experienced and highly skilled experts within our network. With The McWhinnie Consultancy at the helm of your Brexit planning, you can rest assured that whatever the future holds, you’ll be ready.

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