Countdown to Christmas Tips

Countdown to Christmas Tip #23 – Innovation

The importance of thinking differently is more poignant today than ever before. Technology is advancing all the time. By exploring the endless possibilities offered by new tech with a digital vision & strategy, you can gain efficient, competitive & accurate...

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Countdown to Christmas Tip #22 – Tax

HMRC estimates 135,000 companies exporting to the EU will confront new VAT disclosures, customs declarations & potential VAT compliance bills. Small e-commerce businesses could be hit hard as the £15 VAT-free import threshold for packages coming from outside the...

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Countdown to Christmas Tip #21 – Sales & Marketing

#Sales & #Marketing Expand your reach into new market segments to reduce your dependency upon EU markets. Build & develop relationships with current suppliers & customers to sustain growth. Identify skills gaps to meet market diversification.

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Countdown to Christmas Tip #20 – Finance

Finance Do you receive EU funding or grants? The Chancellor announced the government will guarantee EU projects agreed before we leave the EU, to provide more certainty for UK organisations over the course of EU exit. EU programmes not covered by a standalone...

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Countdown to Christmas Tip #19 – Settled Status

Settled Status Are any of your employees EU citizens, requiring support to apply for settled status after Brexit? Businesses are not expected to pay/support EU Settlement Scheme application costs, but you can at your discretion - a mere £65! Surely thats a valuable...

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Countdown to Christmas Tip #4 – Be audit you can be!

Be audit you can be! Know your numbers. When did you last scrutinise your profit & loss figures or aged debt? Review your forecasts? Your breakeven analysis? Prioritise how increased costs through tariffs/delays/increased material costs impact your business....

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