The policy for the new transitional immigration status for EU citizens & family members arriving to the UK after no-deal Brexit day has been reignited. It will be known as European Temporary Leave to Remain (Euro TLR).
1. Euro TLR would be for “law abiding” EU and EFTA arrivals after exit day.
2. Euro TLR will be granted for 36 mths. Application can be made until 31/12/20. It may not guarantee right to stay in UK once 36 mths expire.
3.Applications will be free.
4.Will enable those granted to access to public funds & benefits, education, NHS, work in the UK & travel in & out of UK.
5. Time accrued on Euro TLR can qualify towards period for settlement under the future immigration system.
6. Application will be a simple online process with identity, security & criminality checks.
7.Those who do not make an application for Euro TLR (or status under the future immigration system) will be required to leave the UK by 31/12/20.


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