SME Brexit Support Fund

UK SMEs who import or export to the EU are eligible for up to £2,000 of grant funding.

The McWhinnie Consultancy understands adapting to new rules, introducing customs regimes and getting it right can be challenging, which is why we have set up our Trade Hub to support our clients and mitigate business interruption. The McWhinnie Consultancy provides practical, professional advice so your business can meet its customs, excise, import VAT or safety and security declaration requirements.

It may be useful to learn your business may benefit from government support funding for import and export of goods between GB and the EU or move goods between GB and Northern Ireland, through the launch a £20 million SME Brexit Support Fund intended to help SMEs pay for training or professional advice, with a grant up to £2,000 to adapt to new trade rules.

Grant Eligibility Criteria
The fund supports small and medium sized businesses with:

Up to 500 employees;
With no more than £100 million annual turnover;
Established in the UK for at least 12 months before submitting the application

Apply online through PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) who are administering the grants on behalf of HMRC. Application process times vary however, PwC expect to respond within two to three weeks of you submitting the application. The grant will be paid to you within 30 days of submission of proof of payment and supporting invoice, by BACS transfer to a UK bank account in the name of the applicant organisation.

Applications will close on 30th June 2021 or earlier, if all funding is allocated before this date. Get in quick!

The final date for submission of evidence is 31st August 2021, all payments will be made on or before 30th September 2021.

The McWhinnie Consultancy can offer the following areas of expertise, offered through the SME Brexit Support Fund:

  • Tariff classification
  • Import and Export Process
  • Valuation
  • Incoterms® 2020 – international commercial terms.
  • Customs Procedure Code (CPC) – to identify the reason for export/import and applicable customs regime
  • Origin Rules – Establish the origin of your goods, to ascertain whether your goods qualify for tariff-free trade
  • Licences and Controls
  • Product compliance – UKCA marking, product labelling,  New Legislative Framework requiring EU address on UK products sold in the EU;
  • Customs simplified procedures – customs warehousing, inward processing, outward processing, reliefs and temporary admissions
  • Customs documentation review

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