If Boris doesn’t secure a deal by 19th October, he is forced to apply to the EU for another extension. Although claims he shall ignore this.

Following yesterday’s party conference, Boris delivered a revised plan to the EU. It’s not been rejected, although Juncker has stated there are a few ‘problematic points’. So what is the new plan?

1. Good Friday Agreement is the highest priority for all

2. It conforms with between Ireland & UK including a common travel area between the two nations.

3. Creates potential for all island regulatory zone on the island of Ireland, eliminating regulatory checks for trade in goods, food and agricultural products between Ireland and Northern Ireland. (Essentially creating a new border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain). Thus goods, food & livestock will need to be checked when moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland to ensure they meet EU regulatory standards.

4. NI assembly would be given a say before the regulatory zone came into force, and every 4 years thereafter (creating uncertainty for EU).

5. Northern Ireland would be fully part of the UK customs territory after the end of a transition period, not the EU customs union & the UK would be in charge of its own trade policy.

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